Pressure Cleaning in Toowoomba

Cleaning Outdoor Tiles Using Pressure Cleaner — Pressure Cleaning Services in Toowoomba, QLD

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At AD House Wash and Gutter Cover in Toowoomba, we understand that caring for your home also requires maintaining the exterior. It’s just as important to care for the outside by removing debris, stains, grime build up, cobwebs, mould and mildew from exterior surfaces.

Our experienced professionals clean driveways, house and building exteriors, decks, patios and roofs. We’ll clean those hard to reach areas where dirt can hide, causing damage and eventually, erosion.

Keeping exterior areas clean ensures footpaths, stairways and decks are safe to use by removing grime and mildew, oily or slippery film. Regular cleaning is the best line of defence and a recommended preventative measure. It also ensures those elements are not spread throughout the inside of your home when they’re walked on.

Many people are under the misconception that hosing off exterior surfaces is all that needs to be done. However, garden hoses don’t provide the cleaning power our equipment has. In fact, if done incorrectly, hosing footpaths and steps can encourage slippery mould and mildew growth.

Pressure cleaning exterior surfaces can add kerb appeal to your home. Driveway stains and discolouration from ageing can make a house look tired, potentially effecting the resale value. Our team of experts will leave your home looking refreshed and renewed.

We do also provide pressure cleaning services for commercial clients. We can clean footpaths, parking lots and ramps to keep your customers safe and your location looking its best.

Consultations and quotes are always free and we offer generous discounts on our services to our valued pensioners.